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Voiced Natural Language Micro-Learning for Your Organisation.
The AI-driven KnowledgeBot for seamless workplace learning and development.
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Soffos - Voice of Knowledge

Employees need never search for corporate knowledge through long documentation ever again. Natural language spoken conversational Q&A ensures approved knowledge transfer with accurate, succinct, approved answers to employees’ questions - anytime, anywhere 24/7.


Employees need consistent & accurate corporate knowledge, but training is often sporadic and fragmented.

Employers struggle to facilitate L&D, even with good Learning Management Systems, their best efforts end up being inconvenient for staff, costly and disorganized.

Onboarding, retraining & updating of policy & procedure is tough to monitor. Statutory regulations change frequently. On-demand training is rarely available, despite the need for extant knowledge ‘on tap’.

Nowadays, workers need answers to their vocational questions right away. Soffos is there, wherever and whenever, on the employee’s personal device, 24/7.


Files of any format can be uploaded into Soffos’ proprietary knowledge acquisition system.

The content is ‘learned’ and ‘understood' by the AI, then the source material discarded. Employees searching through long text-based documents will be a thing of the past. People just ask questions of Soffos™, using their voice, into their phone, then Soffos™ gives an approved, definitive answer to the question. Accurately. Instantly. Every time.


There’s nothing out there like Soffos.

Your workforce will be empowered like never before. It’s the breath-taking power of AI, right at your managers’ fingertips.

Knowledge is locked away inside acres of text, Soffos™ just liberates the parts that employees really need to know about, on demand.

Administrators initially populate ‘knowledge silos’ from where they can set permission levels and access areas. Managers can monitor individual employee and team activity with the platform. They can see who is asking about what, and how often.

Mandatory knowledge is proactively pushed to any employees who haven’t been previously made aware of it. In-depth voice and text Q&A really ensures that the person has understood what's required.

Soffos™ is a knowledge beacon for your organisation, providing certainty, clarity and enabling seamless professional development.



Won’t Soffos’ insistence on asking users to interact about mandatory knowledge become an ongoing pain in the neck for employees every day?


Can users give feedback on Soffos’ answers?


How much does it cost to be a Soffos user


Who gets to ensure that the Soffos database is always up to date?


What about security, say if an employee’s phone or laptop is stolen?


Why can’t the Accounts team see the Marketing department’s documents and vice versa? Surely most company information should be ‘global’, knowing it can’t do any harm…


What if Soffos gets it wrong? Isn’t that potentially serious?


This all seems a bit futuristic – how does a computer ‘learn’ knowledge from scanned documents and video clips?


Can Soffos help by sending background documents on request, maybe to expand answers if employees have further questions?


Can Soffos answer literally ANY question asked by an employee?

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