About Soffos Inc.

About Soffos Inc.

Do you want to streamline your organisation’s Learning & Development, saying goodbye to classrooms & webinars?

Soffos Inc. is a corporate learning business, based in Austin, TX, and was founded in 2019.

Progress on the Soffos™ platform is now extremely promising. Unlike competitors' solutions, Soffos™ will auto-assimilate and 'understand' knowledge without human oversight, rendering it highly scalable. Corporate knowledge transfer is via natural (spoken and / or typed) language, just as a person would converse with a human trainer.

Soffos™ doesn’t use mere 'signposting' of knowledge and multiple-choice assessment. It will ask questions, find knowledge gaps, provide mandatory and important insights, then verify the person’s understanding of them via Q&A.

The Soffos Team

Do you want to streamline your organisation’s Learning & Development, saying goodbye to classrooms & webinars?

The senior team has a seasoned pedigree between them. Our key people variously come from backgrounds in EdTech, entrepreneurship, data science and taking startups from a zero balance sheet to millions in revenue within remarkably rapid timescales.


Founder & CEO

An award-winning innovator with four decades of experience in AI. Also a serial entrepreneur who bridges the divide between scientists & others, leading to the creation of novel, practical and impactful AI solutions.

Nikolas is recognized for his vast publication history, public speaking reputation and deep involvement in the field of AI.


Chief Science Officer

Daniel is a computational semantics specialist with 7 years of professional experience in operational modeling, enterprise taxonomy/ontology, enterprise data warehouse reporting, and management consulting.

He brings to Soffos a broad skill set in logic programming, data modeling, linguistics, and discrete mathematics, with a keen interest in declarative paradigms for knowledge representation and computational linguistics. Daniel’s expertise is in prototyping and designing NLP systems for document auto-classification and natural-language database interaction.


Lead Full-Stack Developer

Stefan is a computer scientist and algorithmist specializing in technical analysis and software implementation. He also ensures that all Soffos’ modules and components integrate smoothly without conflicts.


Interim Chief Product Officer

Ken Hubbell, Board Advisor - Corporate Learning. Ken is a strategic and innovative learning leader and an award winning producer of training solutions. Ken presently leads Instructional Design Strategy & Innovation as a SVP for Learning and Development at Wells Fargo Bank and has over 20 years of assembling, developing and enabling diverse teams, creating customer and stakeholder value.

His software development background is in the areas of NLP, AI, game design, and VR. Ken has designed and developed programs for a variety of organizations including the FAA, NASA, the United Nations, Caterpillar, Ingersoll Rand/Trane and General Motors.


Head of Engineering

Loui Mercieca is a high skilled professional on software technologies and emerging technologies. He was a technical advisor of the National Blockchain Strategy Taskforce for the Maltese government responsible for creating a national and legal framework for emerging technologies.

His technical expertise comes from over 12 years’ experience in the IT industry, starting as a software developer and progressing to senior management and chief technical roles. Loui graduated with an Honors degree in Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology and is a certified Scrum Professional,Project Management Professional (PMP), ISTQB Tester and Microsoft Technical Specialist.


AI Prototype Engineer

Andreas is a programmer and AI researcher, particularly in the NLP field, with previous experience in UX testing. He specializes on designing and prototyping NLP solutions suitable to the platform and its users' needs.


AI / NLP Expert

Professor Huyck has been working in Natural Language Processing for 35 years. After developing the Visual Basic 1 at Microsoft, he returned to receive his PhD from the University of Michigan in 1994, working on text extraction systems.


NLP Expert

Dr. Iosif is a scientist in the field of natural language processing and blockchain technologies with over 12 years of research experience. His passion is computational semantics, and he holds two ‘best system’ awards for his contributions in this regard.

Prof. Giuseppe Primiero, PhD

Computational Logic Expert

Giuseppe is a logician working in formal modeling and verification of multi-agent systems. His preferred tools are extensions of proof-systems, modal and computational logics for non-monotonic & dynamic rationality in humans, together with applied Artificial Intelligence. His extensive research includes an examination of the Philosophy of Computing and Information.


Education Consultant

Aliki has been in the field of education for over 20 years as a teacher, leader and teacher trainer, complemented by a Doctorate in Educational Leadership focused on the impact of training in online cooperative learning techniques on self-efficacy.

Aliki is consistently fascinated by what enhances learner engagement and how the dynamics of such engagement incessantly metamorphoses with the changing times and technologies to which we are exposed. Learning more about how to engage learners in order to enhance their learning experience are her major priorities as an educator.


Lead Copy Writer and English Language Specialist

Having specialized in linguistics at early university, Tom has crafted language output for several software houses.  After 10 years of university lecturing in communications, Mr Hill also has a publication history with the UK’s Guardian newspaper and the BBC.


Co-founder & Director

Entrepreneur & Keynote speaker (National Retailers Federation) on the subject of ‘Digital transformation, Beyond the Omni-channel,’ Featured in Forbes & Conde’ Nast on the subjects of digital personalisation & mood analytics.

Experienced energetic business visionary with over 25 years of proven leadership with a passion for tackling complex problems & developing suitable solutions. Started & sold numerous companies over the years acquiring knowledge that only doing can provide.

Focused on the online / offline potential presented by impending digital transformation.



Joe McCall, Director, is a serial tech investor and helped found the Austin Technology Council.  He also served as exec director of the Texas Nanotech Initiative.


Director & Angel Investor

Stergios Anastasiadis, Director & Angel Investor is a tech guru within disruptive tech startups. He has experience at building great teams and scaling businesses, with hands-on experience in R&D, UX/UI, Big Data, ML and infrastructure. Stergios has no fewer than six tech startups under his belt; one IPO, three acquisitions and five angel investments.



Stavros Stavrou, Soffos director, is a chartered accountant and a fellow member of the ICAEW. Stavros holds many prominent appointments: founding member and chairman of a ship management company, member of the BOD for insurance, reinsurance, banking, CCCI, funds and investment firms.

For over a decade, Stavros was the Group CFO and Member of the Board of a major trans-European energy company as well as holding chairman and member of the board of directors appointments including chairman of the board of directors for a publicly listed airline and board member appointments in the banking, insurance, energy, software development, construction and education sectors – European University and Member of the Board of Trustees of the International School of Monaco during the period 1998 – 2003.

Do you want to streamline your organisation’s Learning & Development, saying goodbye to classrooms & webinars?

Soffos™ Inc. is in partnership with its incubator, Fountech Ventures, Deep Tech AI Venture Builders, also based in Austin TX, with a satellite office in London, England.

Fountech Ventures immerse themselves as corporate co-founders for the long-haul; providing ongoing technical development and commercial knowledge transfer from their in-house scientists, IP lawyers, engineers and entrepreneurs.