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Early registration for Soffos Beta strongly recommended

By Soffos Team
August 2, 2021

Exciting times lie ahead here at Soffos HQ. With organizations around the world planning for the future of work, we are lifting the veil on the sophisticated solution on which we’ve been diligently working.

The release of our innovative corporate KnowledgeBot – which has largely been in stealth mode up until now – will be the answer to businesses’ most pressing concerns in this new landscape. The multifaceted challenges of onboarding new employees in a virtual or hybrid setting, delivering effective and ongoing learning and development (L&D) opportunities to staff members, and ensuring the integrity and accuracy of enterprise knowledge are just three areas in which Soffos will drive visible improvements, regardless of the working model chosen. Geographical restrictions will no longer create barriers for organizations looking to upskill their workforce and ensure their enterprise remains competitive.

Driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and leading natural language processing (NLP) technologies, Soffos is taking workplace training to the next level. Our solution is unlike any personal assistant that you might have come across before – it can engage users in natural conversation as a colleague or friend might, and field questions about subjects from an almost limitless resource base uploaded by administrators. You can have a discussion with Soffos here to see what the next generation of conversational AI looks like! At the moment, Soffos can answer questions about himself and the business, but his abilities are growing by the day.

We have been thrilled to see that interest in novel solutions like ours is skyrocketing. Only last week, it was announced that Brain Technologies has raised an impressive $50 million in funding to build a product called ‘Natural’ – described as the world’s first ‘generative computer interface’. However, the technology underpinning this new proposition is in fact a field that Soffos has already mastered, so we are proud to be at the forefront of developing such applied science within our exciting industry.

Given the increasing attention that these technologies are attracting, we are delighted to be extending an early invitation to businesses that would like to be early adopters of our product and take part in our private beta pilot program. Participating organizations will have the opportunity to explore behind the scenes and test our next-gen, AI-powered learning solution for themselves.

If you would like to be one of the first companies in the world to trial Soffos as a beta pilot member, then please get in touch via our website.

There are no hidden or complicated steps involved in registering for beta. All we require is for business managers to fill out a short questionnaire to ensure that their needs coincide with our offering, and enable us to provide more value to each participating business individually.

We look forward to welcoming new participants on board and showcasing our corporate KnowledgeBot’s most valuable use-cases to enterprise teams. For further information about Soffos’ unique features, you can view our knowledge series of short videos here. Among other functionalities, Soffos offers Q&A sessions in natural language to help employees settle into new roles and progress their skills and knowledge. He can proactively test individuals and teams about their current level of understanding in a given area and provide management with actionable business intelligence, highlighting knowledge gaps within their enterprise and offering both individual and team progress metrics.

Together, these capabilities and more will empower businesses with the information they need to make data-led decisions about everything from simplifying the employee onboarding process, to updating training strategies to suit the unique needs of each team member.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to obtain first access to Soffos! In no time, we will be transitioning from the current private beta to public beta, unveiling our timely solution to the world!

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