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Learn in a Flash: Introducing TestMe

By Soffos Team
January 14, 2022

The secret’s out!

We have been dropping hints about our upcoming products for a little while now, and we are thrilled to unveil the first of a suite of solutions powered by Soffos. Allow us to introduce you to our revolutionary learning app, TestMe.  

TestMe is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered Q&A learning app designed to create open-ended ‘quiz style’ tests from any resources that are uploaded into a user’s account. Targeted at school and college students for exam prep, along with corporate training managers to keep staff up to speed on regulatory information, the app generates open-ended ‘quiz style’ tests for users from any resources that are uploaded onto the user’s account.

TestMe is an efficient, effective way to learn about the content of your own notes, documents and coursework. Gone are the days of spending hours, days or even weeks manually writing out flashcards only to discard them when the motivation wears off. Now, individuals can start out on a continuous learning journey via their personal devices, with TestMe supporting active learning throughout.

Who is it for?

TestMe can be used by anyone who is passionate about quality education. It is for parents, students, teachers and professionals who want to create and share tests with their peers – for work, study, fun or play.

Our novel solution will be a valuable addition to anyone’s learning toolbox. Here are just three examples of personas who can benefit from its unique features...


·      The Class Teacher. Let’s imagine that a secondary school teacher needs to create an activity to bring their 9th Grade English Language lesson plan to life. Within minutes, they can generate and share a test among the 20 students in their class. Homework assignments have never been easier to create, and students will love the interactive nature of their TestMe sessions.


·      The Lone Crammer. Multiple choice questions are unlikely to excite even the most enthusiastic of academics. Worse than that, generic and uninspiring assignments do little to inspire long-term memory retention. Instead, those prepping for upcoming exams can rely on TestMe to deepen their understanding of the most complex subjects. The AI ‘grades’ answers provided by users in their own words – whether spoken or typed – while indicating why they may or may not be correct.


·      The Sales Manager. Professionals will also soon be relying on TestMe to prepare for meetings and generally getting to know their company’s products and services better. Managers can create tests for their teams, giving employees a quick, fun and efficient way to get up to speed with essential company knowledge.


What makes it unique?

TestMe is a study tool like no other. It is powered by next-gen AI technologies that enhance educational techniques by using computational linguistics to improve knowledge retention, long-term understanding and cognition.

Unlike traditional educational technology (EdTech) solutions, TestMe’s algorithms can ‘read’ the contents of any documents uploaded to the platform, before using this to create searching questions. Leaners aren’t confined to selecting from multiple choice options or submitting one-word responses, instead, they can give their answers in freeform natural language.

Thanks to the Conversational AI engine underpinning our suite of products, users can speak or type comprehensive responses and receive helpful feedback within seconds. Based on the information fed into the app, TestMe facilitates open-ended Q&A’s with learners, as though they were receiving one-on-one mentorship from parents, teachers or managers.

Reinforced by a competitive gamified edge of a ‘friends leaderboard’, TestMe is a fun and entertaining way to use natural language to learn and retain important knowledge from the information locked away in all your learning materials. You can play around with some of our example tests here to see how it works.

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