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Soffos NLP Use Case: Conversational AI Agent for Legal Firms

By Soffos Team
October 24, 2022

Natural Language Processing (NLP), a subset of AI, is a technological innovation changing the way the legal sector operates. Lawyers today have a wide variety of intelligent tools at their disposal to streamline and improve legal work, ensuring better outcomes for everyone involved.

What is Natural Language Processing?

NLP processes natural human language in voice or text and is, therefore, able to complete gargantuan tasks in almost no time at all.

In this Use Case Guide, we will focus on one use case of NLP for Law firms and how it can improve internal and external support.

USE CASE: Conversational AI agents for Legal Departments.

The challenge:

Law offices and corporate legal teams get inundated with internal and external inquiries on a continuous basis. Some of them are received over the weekend, during lunch, or after working hours.

Customer support and internal support employees inevitably have to sit down and work their way through hundreds of digital files, and answer the same questions repeatedly.  

The solution:  

Soffos' smart platform can be used to create advanced AI conversational agents to handle customer inquiries and internal questions 24/7.

The AI agents provided by Soffos, work for offline and online content, answering questions via text or speech, and have capabilities far beyond the inflexibilities of scripted ‘decision tree’ chatbots.

Lawyers won’t need to spend their time answering simple client questions:

The AI agent for customer support:

-Answers questions in a friendly and conversational format, collecting useful information and storing it in the company's dashboard.

-Has the ability to learn and categorize clients’ needs and pass them to the most relevant department for immediate follow-up.

Lawyers won’t have to spend hours trying to find answers in disparate systems or need to contact the support staff.

The AI agent for internal support:

-Has access to all the information relevant to your company and is able to answer employee questions swiftly 24/7.

-Can efficiently sort inquiries in order of priority.

Time is saved for lawyers and clients.

Cost is reduced by having less need for human intervention.

Valuable insights are collected about client needs and expectations.

Our conversational AI agent can benefit any business in any kind of industry.

Book a free consultation with our NLP expert, and get started on your NLP journey!

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