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Soffos NLP Use Case: Conversational AI for Marketing

By Soffos Team
August 24, 2022

Despite the massive upsurge in the use of natural language processing (NLP) to solve complex challenges, many people are still wondering what NLP is, and why it is gaining such phenomenal momentum.

We at Soffos are on a mission to get people excited about all the possibilities of NLP and how it can transform the way in which businesses and employees operate and the value it adds.

In each Use Case Guide, we will share one of the many possible NLP use-cases. This month we will focus on the marketing industry, and showcase a real example of an application that revolutionizes classic marketing challenges by using NLP.

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

NLP is the AI technology that enables computers to understand, process, analyze and respond to written and spoken human natural language. In our daily lives, some common examples of NLP are voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, autocorrect and autocomplete for typing, and voice transcription on videos.

NLP can affect literally any field by streamlining processes, reducing costs, improving customer experience, and empowering employees.



Built using the Soffos platform, ASK AMA is an AI-driven pre-sales Conversational Agent that can be activated at will from icons on company web pages, or via QR codes printed on offline marketing materials.

The agent works for offline content, answering questions via text or speech about your company’s products and services.

Using Soffos’ hybrid neuro-symbolic NLP, ASK AMA creates powerful conversational AI agents with capabilities far beyond the inflexibilities of scripted ‘decision tree’ chatbots. This new state-of-the-art application is a great example of how NLP can be implemented and change the way businesses operate and collect valuable insights, solving countless marketing challenges.

Imagine Marissa walking down the aisle looking for nutritional breakfast cereal for her child. She finds a nice-looking brand but she’s wondering if the specific product is appropriate for a 3-year-old.

Marissa can scan the QR code on the product and interact with an AMA agent to help with her purchase decision, boosting user experience (UX).

While answering all Marissa’s questions in a friendly and conversational format, AMA collects her contact information and stores it in the company's dashboard for immediate follow-up by a company representative.

ASK AMA is not only an informational ambassador for your company but also a lead generation tool that can be trained in any area of expertise to pre-sell products and provide hard facts about what your prospects really want.

With seamless integration and easy onboarding, businesses have access to a single dashboard of KPIs and essential metrics with the vital information they require in order to improve and individualize their products and services.

Are you wondering how our NLP can benefit your business?

Book a free call directly with our NLP use case expert and get started on your NLP journey!

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