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Soffos NLP Use Case: L&D - Engagement and Knowledge Gap Assessment

By Soffos Team
October 5, 2022

Natural Language Processing is making an immense impact on the business world due to its ability to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of procedures and processes. Looking at the current and potential applications of NLP will highlight the countless reasons NLP is so powerful.  

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

NLP is a branch of computer science and specifically artificial intelligence that allows machines to read huge volumes of text, hear speech, interpret it, evaluate sentiment, and specify which parts are important.

The Transition.

In recent years, companies worldwide have transformed their operations from traditional onsite methods to working remotely, and have therefore expanded the many online learning platforms and opportunities for online professional development.  

The Result.

L&D executives now face the gargantuan challenge of providing highly engaging, differentiated, and individualized training that can be accessed electronically. They also need to be able to measure the level of engagement as well as the effectiveness of their online training courses.

NLP is the epitome of that innovative and cutting-edge technology that can ensure the consistent engagement of staff members as they engage in continuous professional development and improvement of ever-evolving knowledge and skills.

Our solution: Engagement and Knowledge Gap Assessment

Using Soffos' NLP technology during any online learning experience, question-answer flashcards will be generated by transcribing anything that is being discussed. This way the system will be able to test individual learners in real-time and answer any questions they may have.

The technology that enables the automatic creation of flashcards during the lecture can also be used for easy follow-up quizzes, and strengthen the process of transfer from short-term to long-term memory.

By collecting all the relevant data, the dashboard provided by Soffos can display information about the learner's attention and retention, so L&D executives can detect knowledge gaps and determine the course's effectiveness.  

Live assessments keep employees engaged, interested in, and accountable for absorbing the knowledge being presented to them. Measuring the impact and effectiveness of your training is an essential part of ongoing professional development.

This process results in better business processes delivering value to both the customer and the organization.

Let  Soffos support your L&D efforts.

Book a free consultation with our NLP expert, and get started on your NLP journey!

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