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By Soffos Team
November 16, 2022

Natural Language Processing(NLP) is a powerful tool that is consistently making headlines due to its ability to interpret natural human language in voice or text form, making processes easier and faster.  

With Soffos NLP you are able to render complex, time-consuming, and expensive business processes simple and affordable.  

In this Use Case Guide, we will focus on one use case of NLP for the New Media industry and how it can improve the production and dissemination of knowledge.  

The term "new media" refers to any media that distributes content through the Internet. Websites, blogs, and social media networks are a few examples of new media.

In the new media world, there is constant competition to keep readers engaged, looking for ways to responsibly share information as well as respond to inquiries and make sure that all aspects of public reports are accessible.  

In such a competitive field, speed, accuracy, and reliability are of the essence.

SOFFOS Solution:

We create conversational AI agents that provide readers with the necessary, thorough, and reliable answers to their questions.

These conversational agents can also gather feedback from readers on what they would like to learn more about, how they felt about the content they read, and additional perspectives they are looking for.  

These conversational AI agents have capabilities far beyond  ‘decision tree’ chatbots.  

Readers will have the opportunity to continue engaging with the site that they are on and to find answers to their questions instead of abandoning the site to do an exteral search on the topic. They will also have a place to immediately provide feedback on the article and any context/s or perspective/s they felt were missing, reducing churn based on frustration.  

To assist the media network, the conversational agent can:

  • process natural human language and respond appropriately in a friendly and conversational manner.
  • interpret sentiment and provide data and analyses on viewers' dispositions.
  • provide data on viewers' perspectives and preferences.

Soffos’ system can provide multi-purpose conversational agents to fit your needs and intervene in various ways and at various levels, from sales to lead generation, customer experience, and so on.

Are you interested in such a powerful system?  

Book a free consultation with our NLP expert, and get started on your NLP journey!

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