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What to look for in truly pioneering EdTech solutions

By Soffos Team
March 1, 2021

HR teams and corporate learning leaders are no longer strangers to the benefits of technology within the corporate education space. Famously, videoconferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams found a significant headwind as businesses shifted their traditional peer-to-peer (P2P) incentives into the digital age.

As business leaders map out their plans to return to the office, however, they must consider the longevity of the solutions that they have relied upon over the past year to deliver professional learning opportunities. There is no doubt that EdTech platforms will continue to deliver value in the new hybrid workplace, but how can businesses ensure that they are utilizing tech that will continue to meet employees’ evolving needs?

As the workplace changes, EdTech will follow

Although some organizations will be keen to revert to familiar ways of working, the traditional 9-5 office culture has been forever changed.

Indeed, workers have found themselves more productive during the global remote working experiment, with 38%of corporate executives now expecting their employees to work two or more days a week away from the office. As the months roll by, learning leaders will have to meet their employees half-way and deliver training that is suited to increasingly flexible working.

Businesses must therefore utilize e-learning platforms that can deliver round-the-clock learning and development (L&D) to account for different working hours. Meanwhile, a dispersed workforce means that a blanket training programme may no longer be the best way forward. While large-scale conferences and seminars were once a mainstay of the professional development space, the advent of innovative new technologies means that employees can now benefit from a more personalized learning experience.

Learning platforms bolstered by artificial intelligence (AI)and machine learning (ML), for instance, are able to harness unique insights from the way each user learns. By assessing user performance, they can pinpoint individual weak spots that even the most skilled training leader might miss, and thereafter guide learners towards materials and methods that are better suited to their needs.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the antidote to P2P learning in the remote arena

While nobody could ever deny the immense value that expert learning leaders can offer to employees, as working patterns shift, businesses will be looking to technologies that make the distinction between the ‘work office’ and ‘home office’ as insignificant as possible.

This is where Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) will come in. Although not yet widely used, these technologies will utilize “super resolution” to mimic the office setting and its unique organizational culture to ensure employees are tapping into the right mindset when engaging with professional development training. As these technologies develop further, they will even be able to facilitate courses and seminars as though they are being delivered by training leaders who are in the same geographical environment – even if employees are poles apart.

The evolution of these technologies will be vital for the delivery of successful P2P learning in the future, and put simply, this is one of the most effective means of teaching. Employees using these technologies will be able to benefit from the advantages of immersive and engaging learning, which will allow them to perform their jobs with more efficiency and expertise than ever, whatever changes are on the cards for their working environment.

The office environment has been irreversibly transformed over the past twelve months, and cutting-edge EdTech is about to follow suit.If you’d like to hear more about new developments here at Soffos, as well as how we can place your company on the path to exceptional L&D, then please drop us a line.

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