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A day in the life of a Soffos user

By Soffos Team
April 30, 2021

As we prepare to unveil Soffos beta, the team looks forward to sharing our next-gen corporate learning solution with our first real-world users.

Those who have become accustomed to generic workplace learning and development (L&D) schemes will no doubt be excited about the prospect of letting AI jump into the driving seat to power up their professional training journey.

Indeed, Soffos is a far cry from the types of digital solutions that many have been forced to utilize during Covid-necessitated lockdowns. Webinars and online courses had a place in a newly socially-distanced world, but it is time to make room for the next generation of L&D solutions. Technologies that drive personalized, active and lifelong learning are the ones that will survive in the post-pandemic hybrid workplace.  

With that in mind, how will our unique corporate KnowledgeBot take training to the next level?

Answers anytime, anywhere

One of the core elements of Soffos is its ability to deliver answers to pressing questions instantaneously, whether employees are in the office or working from home. Questions can be spoken or typed, allowing professionals to pose work-related queries at any time of day or night.

An HR administrator might be keen to quickly brush up on their knowledge of the latest GDPR requirements. Rather than spending hours trawling through documents or seeking the help of a manager, they can now turn to Soffos for guidance. Instead of providing a complicated resource in its original form, Soffos will offer succinct and definitive answers to posed questions that will help the employee understand whether they are compliant with the latest policies.

Soffos starts conversations

Unlike conventional chatbots, Soffos proactively seeks to engage in discussion with its users. It can inform employees of things that they need to know, without them having to actively log in and seek out the information.

For employees working in ever-changing landscapes like the legal sector, this function will prove invaluable. Soffos will push important notifications to relevant users, who will then be prompted to catch up with regulatory knowledge updates. A health and safety practitioner, for instance, might find a notification on their dashboard alerting them to new standards, which will remain in place until they have demonstrated their understanding of the changes.

“Soffos, Test Me!” 

How many of us have walked away from a mandated training session, only to instantly forget what was learnt? Or have wanted to quickly polish up on our knowledge before entering an important meeting – but haven’t have the time or tools to do so?

A Soffos user will be able to enjoy continuous L&D and quickly prepare for upcoming meetings and projects thanks to the platform’s ability to test learners. Like a helpful friend, Soffos is on hand to probe users’ knowledge about different concepts and prepare them to apply their understanding in common situations.  

Saying “Soffos, test me!” or “Soffos, ask me about…” alerts the KnowledgeBot that an employee wants to revisit a chosen subject. A user might, for instance, want to check that they understand current labour laws; in this scenario, Soffos will ask a number of questions in succession, only moving onto the next theme when the previous one has been answered correctly, or an accurate answer has been provided by Soffos if necessary.

If requested, Soffos can continue to prompt the learner with new questions until they have stopped the session and are confident in their understanding. Meanwhile, a record of the Q&As is stored within the platform for an employee’s future reference. Crucially, this data is kept safely out of reach of colleagues and managers, so employees can feel safe in the knowledge that they are able to ask as many questions as they want without judgement until they thoroughly understand the concept.

How to register for Beta

We are proud to have created an intuitive solution that empowers employees to autonomously drive their own learning, and work to consistently enhance their skills and knowledge. In this way, we hope to drive lifelong learning and help professionals achieve their career ambitions.

If you haven’t signed up to test these features out within your business, fear not – there is still time to register for Beta! Alternatively, you can register for a demo here.

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