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Introducing the world’s first AI-powered KnowledgeBot

By Soffos Team
June 4, 2020

Education is one of our most enshrined human rights. Aside from enabling people to constantly grow and challenge themselves, it also promises to promote democracy, peace, tolerance, development and economic growth.

And yet, education is still not readily available to every adult and child. Those that do not have access to education and are keen to progress their knowledge and learn new skills, are often left underwhelmed by the tools and methods at their disposal.

A 1:1 model of personalised learning has been hailed as a gold standard for education, yet most learners cannot afford personal tutoring. This is as true in schools as it is in higher education, corporate training and lifelong learning.

The stark reality is that there are simply not enough teachers to satisfy society’s desire to learn new skills. Teaching is not simply about relaying information. In reality, teachers must sift through knowledge, classify it into subjects, decide which material should be taught to which group, prepare the lesson plans, teach the material to a group, assess the learner’s understanding and formulate a strategy for the entire group.

Given the amount of admin teachers must get through on top of all of this, it is a wonder how they find the time to teach, let alone assess how effective their methods are.


So, what’s the solution?


Enter Soffos


The above does not lend itself well to effective teaching. That’s why we desperately need a solution –and it comes in the form of an AI-powered TutorBot which can deliver 1:1learning.

Soffos (derived from theGreek word meaning “wise person”) has been in development since early 2019. What makes the vision behind this invention so powerful is that it will solve the problem of scalability; one platform will be able to deliver knowledge to countless students. In doing so, it will democratise learning and break down the barriers to education.


Introducing theKnowledgeBot


Before the TutorBot can be brought to market, however, the AI behind its systems must be proven to work.That’s why the team behind Soffos will begin with a corporate learning vision –in the form of the KnowledgeBot. By testing the novel AI in a business setting, the team can ensure it is able to deliver a profound user experience and achieve the goal of offering large-scale yet tailored learning solutions.

This product will launch in the next six months, with Nikolas Kairinos leading the charge in his new role as CEO of Soffos. Under his guidance and leadership, Soffos will seek to streamline, and ultimately improve, the way professionals in a business setting are able to learn new skills and absorb new information.

At the moment, we are in the midst of a ‘knowledge explosion’. This revolutionary movement has created overwhelming amounts of information and legislation in workplaces, and employees must work tirelessly to keep up with all these changes. The problem is that training is often sporadic and fragmented, with employers struggling to facilitate L&D. On-demand training, meanwhile, is rarely available.

Only disruptive tech can solve these problems. Soffos will stand in to continually auto-assimilate and learn vast amounts of knowledge from organisational and approved resources, whether these are documents, videos or audio files.  

Armed with this information, Soffos will then deliver this knowledge to employees through natural language discussions. This will take place via spoken Q&As, in a form similar to real-life teaching. Soffos won’t just stop there, however; the programme will also be capable of identifying knowledge gaps, as well as verifying a person’s understanding of the information presented. And the best part? It will be available from anywhere, at any time.

Personalised learning will soon be within reach of us all. Until then, we hope that you will follow our mission to solve one of the world’s biggest problems.


Stay tuned for more updates shortly…

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