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Say hello to TestMe for Sales Enablement!

By Soffos Team
March 29, 2022

It may seem difficult to believe, but this month marks two years since the World Health Organization first declared COVID-19 as a pandemic back in 2020. Certainly, much has changed since the start of the pandemic. In many ways, the world has adjusted dramatically to the challenge – here at Soffos, we are still hard at work developing cutting-edge solutions to help individuals navigate a difficult set of circumstances.

Back in January, we announced the release of the beta version of our brand-new learning app, TestMe. The first of a suite of solutions powered by Soffos, TestMe is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and generates Q&A flash cards that help people learn in a flash.

Now, two years on from the pandemic and after a very successful launch period, we are thrilled to announce that we are bringing TestMe to businesses!

A brand-new solution for Sales Enablement…

Historic studies have found that many salespeople fail to close on deals because they simply do not have adequate knowledge of their product or service. Inspired by the lack of tools that can boost sales teams’ knowledge, we developed TestMe for Sales Enablement to provide a quick, efficient and fun way for employees to get up to speed with essential company knowledge in next to no time!

At Soffos, we know that your employees are constantly exposed to an explosion of information. When it comes down to nailing a pitch or securing a new customer, your salespeople need to know the facts of what they’re trying to sell in detail. That said, sometimes recalling these facts when it matters most can be very difficult, and all-important knowledge might get lost in a sea of information…

Knowledge In a Flash

TestMe for Sales Enablement is the perfect antidote to this problem, allowing your employees to create and take enjoyable tests to hone their sales knowledge in minutes. With our app in hand, sales managers can arm their employees with the perfect solution to help them keep abreast of constantly changing company policies and developments, and crucially, the nitty gritty of products and services for their all-important pitches.

 What’s more, managers will be able to measure their team’s knowledge and growth in real-time, as well as transfer knowledge and sales techniques from their organization’s top salespeople to other valued members of the team. Beyond this, team leaders can also monitor progress with their unique dashboard to view strengths and weaknesses at a glance. With TestMe, learning and development is simpler and more enjoyable than ever!

Knowledge without limits

We put conversational AI at the heart of what we do at Soffos, and we’re pleased to say that TestMe for Sales Enablement puts this technology to good use. Unlike run of the mill EdTech tools, our algorithms ‘read’ the contents of company documentation and sales manuals to develop searching questions. Likewise, our products allow learners to answer Q&As in freeform natural language so that they understand content in their own terms, rather than being limited to a one-word response. In many ways, this should be a huge advantage to salespeople, who often excel when they inject some personality and individuality into their work.

If you are interested in putting our new and exciting solution to good use for your business, we offer a range of pricing plans and bespoke packages to suit all sales teams. Right now, we’re even offering a 10-day free trial to our early users, and you can sign up here to try out the app’s test creation and scoring capabilities for yourself!

If you’re interested in learning more about TestMe for Sales Enablement, we have been making plenty of noise about our new product across Twitter and LinkedIn, so please feel free to give us a follow and ask any questions you may have.

We may be two years on from the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that businesses should now be resting on their laurels and returning to old ways of working. At Soffos, we are passionate about the changing world of EdTech and believe that businesses can reap the benefits of making the most of truly pioneering technology.

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