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By Soffos Team
February 21, 2023

The Soffos Platform.

A robust toolset for Natural Language Processing.

Our Platform was born from an understanding we share with data scientists, AI engineers and marketing executives around the globe that the importance of using accurate and relevant data in your work can never be overstated. Our NLP AI is designed with this in mind, offering a vast array of modules that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your industry.

Our APIs are unmatched in the market today and are capable of outperforming any other NLP AI available. This is not a claim we make lightly, nor is it without merit. We invite you to see the host of capabilities we offer for yourself by simply signing up for a free trial and seeing if our Platform does indeed live up to the hype.


In a world where ChatGPT exists, one might be tempted to question why you need Soffos.

This is a perfectly reasonable objection, and one that merits an answer. In the simplest of terms, ChatGPT is a generalist construct for public use, while Soffos is a premium solution specifically crafted to address the stringent demands of accuracy and privacy in the enterprise setting.

In comparison to ChatGPT, Soffos stands out by providing more focused and relevant results. We achieve this by making it easy and efficient for developers and companies to train our AI on relevant and specialized content. The result is a more accurate representation of the context and a reduced likelihood of generating nonsensical or irrelevant output.

With Soffos, you can rest assured that the results you receive are coherent, appropriate and confidential.

This is because our platform is built on a solid foundation of human language and uses no extraneous, general-purpose content. Other than a foundational layer of language syntax, the Soffos Platform is yours to train with whatever data you deem necessary. As a result, it is capable of taking into account important contextual information and providing a more accurate and reliable output than ChatGPT.

Furthermore, unlike ChatGPT, we guarantee that any data you train Soffos on will remain completely confidential and will not become part of the general body of knowledge used by our AI. Nor will it be accessible to anyone else who does.  

So, while ChatGPT may have some use cases, Soffos is the option for those seeking a robust, private and reliable NLP AI tool. Our platform offers the ability to incorporate advanced NLP into your own or your clients' applications, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking for a dependable and efficient solution.

We invite you to take advantage of our free trial and see for yourself the capabilities of Soffos' NLP AI.

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