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Optimizing the world of information

Smarter faster

Our technology enables companies to create innovative applications with the APIs we provide to form the building blocks of infinite other possibilities.
Traditional methods of teaching are inefficient, expensive and inaccessible - in a world where knowledge changes faster than it can be productively passed on.
Many societal problems across our planet can be solved when people have access to accurate, up to date and relevant information.
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'addressing societal challenges
through the use of innovative, intelligent systems and to improve the existing state of Artificial Intelligence.'
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How it Works

‘Soffos’ is a homophone for the Greek word σοφός (sophos, a wise person) and refers to anyone who is an expert in their profession or craft. Our craft specializes in pioneering the use of AI powered technology within hybrid machine learning and symbolic computing methods that companies can use to build the applications they desire.

Harness the Power of AI

With the rise of recent AI technologies, waiting longer, spending more money to get answers, and wasting time and energy with tedious manual tasks is no longer justifiable.

Soffos has packaged the latest generative AI advancements for processing information into a modular platform. The Soffos platform makes it easy for companies to enhance their systems and tools and continue to keep ahead of rapidly changing technologies.

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Keep up with the latest AI advancements

Soffos’ AI platform is specialized in a branch of artificial intelligence called Natural Language Processing. This is the same branch of AI that is behind technologies like Chat GPT, though the Soffos platform has sophisticated layers of technology that Chat GPT does not, and is private and secure.

Generative AI is another term you may have heard of recently and this also applies to the Soffos platform, as our modules “generate” intelligent AI outputs to various kinds of text and audio inputs.

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How can the Soffos platform improve business processes?

Soffos’ powerful platform APIs can be used across industries and business groups to make tools and processes smarter.

With Soffos, companies can:

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- Extract key insights from documents, online sources, audio video and more

- Answer employee and client questions easily, without complicated setup

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- Automatically generate content and assessments

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- Research more effectively and efficiently

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- Create new capabilities using Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text

Our AI-powered Socratic teaching method using natural language conversations on any device, from unordered learning resources, can help users solve many of the above problems almost instantly.

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What is NLP? Natural Language Processing (known as NLP) is the AI technology for computers to ‘understand’, process and respond to natural human language.NLP has made enormous advances in the last 3-5 years, and Soffos is at the forefront of this innovation.

If you haven’t interacted with newer products, you may not realize how advanced and powerful AI tools for language use cases are today.

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Accessibility is also key - learning needs to be available to people on their own devices so they can learn at their own pace irrespective of location.

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Set up your account, invite your sales teams, and add documents to TestMe in minutes.

Browse our full library of use cases to discover how Soffos can enhance your existing systems, or quickly build a new solution, with exactly what you need, and with technology that will always be up to date.

Soffos is a Tech company that provides low-code AI solutions for developing advanced NLP applications that include knowledge management, learning and assessment tools, question-answering and performance guidance systems.

With Soffos' suite of APIs, our clients can easily and inexpensively integrate sophisticated natural language capabilities into their software.

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Limitless Solutions

Easily and quickly create fully customized, intelligent and advanced NLP solutions for your business challenges, that precisely fit your needs.

Learn how this advanced technology can solve your industry’s challenges.

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Some frequently asked questions are answered below, but why not head over to Ask Soffos and ask him for yourself.
(The more questions that Soffos gets asked, the better it gets, so fire away.)


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Won’t Soffos’ insistence on asking users to interact about mandatory knowledge become an ongoing irritation for employees every day?


Can users give feedback on Soffos’ answers?


How much does it cost to be a Soffos user?


Who gets to ensure that Soffos' knowledge repository is always up to date?


What about security, say if an employee’s phone or laptop is stolen?


Why can’t the Accounts team see the Marketing department’s documents and vice versa? Surely most company information should be ‘global’, knowing it can’t do any harm…


This all seems a bit futuristic – how does a computer ‘learn’ knowledge from scanned documents and video clips?


Can Soffos help by sharing background documents on request, maybe to expand on answers if employees have further questions?


Can Soffos answer literally ANY question asked by an employee?

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