About Soffos Inc.

Do you want to streamline your organisation’s Learning & Development, saying goodbye to classrooms & webinars?

Soffos, Inc. is building the next generation of Educational Technology solutions. Whether you're a trainer, teacher, or individual app user, the SoffosCognitive AI Engine puts the knowledge locked away in all your files and resources straight into the palm of your hand. We are based in Austin, TX, and we were founded in 2019.

Soffos™ is unique, because it will auto-assimilate and 'understand' knowledge without human oversight, allowing it to deliver value immediately, without weeks of challenging configuration. Knowledge transfer is via natural (spoken and / or typed) language, just as a person would converse with a human teacher, manager, colleague or friend.

The Soffos Team

Do you want to streamline your organisation’s Learning & Development, saying goodbye to classrooms & webinars?

We have built a world class team including PhD level scientists and engineers, senior ontologists and computational linguists with experience across some of the largest universities and technology companies on earth, well-connected in the logic programming community. Our entrepreneurial and creative teams likewise are second to none.

Democracy in everything we do is our watchword, so everyone is as important as everyone else here at Soffos Inc. Our teams consist of operational people and scientific advisors. In alphabetical order they are:

Operational Staff

Andreas Christofi

NLP Engineer

Andreas is a computer scientist with a wide range of experience including research, back-end development, DevOps / MLOps and quality testing. His skillset includes a high level of critical thinking and exceptional attention to detail. His passion for discovering the infinite possibilities of NLP, led him to conceptualizing, designing, deploying and optimizing Artificial Intelligence pipelines.

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Anna Kyriacou Spies

Creative Director

Anna has been a creative entrepreneur for seven years, working with companies across several continents, from South Africa, the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, UK and Bolivia.  Her expertise is in Brand Identity, Design and Art Direction. Anna has been part of the Soffos team since 2018, creating and nurturing the Soffos brand, as well as overseeing the creative aspects of our app’s UX and UI by collaborating with developers and contractors.

Anna also manages her own creative team at her company Nomadic Projex, which produces marketing and other public-facing assets for Soffos.

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Avgi Christofi

Marketing Coordinator

With an original background in the tourist industry, Avgi Christofi graduated with flying colors from the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki in Macedonia. Her specialist thesis covered the concept of 'neuromarketing' and its practical applications.

Consequently, Avgi brings the Soffos team priceless insights on how people interact on an emotional level with new technologies.

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Dino Demetriou

Co-founder & Director

Dino is an entrepreneur & keynote speaker (National Retailers Federation) on the subject of ‘Digital transformation, Beyond the Omni-channel,’ Featured in Forbes & Conde Nast on the subjects of digital personalisation & mood analytics.

He is an experienced energetic business visionary with over 25 years of proven leadership with a passion for tackling complex problems & developing suitable solutions. Dino started & sold numerous companies over the years acquiring knowledge that only doing so can provide.

Dino is focused on the online / offline potential presented by impending digital transformation.

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Eric Stange

Head of Fundraising and Investor Relations

Eric's background spans three decades and includes capital raising, sourcing, strategic advisory, investment banking and capital markets working with enterprise, middle-market and early-stage companies with a focus on technical industries.

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Ero Georgiades

Director of Operations

Our Operations Director, Ero Georgiades, is a detail-oriented self-starter and an excellent communicator, with a gift for building business relationships at all levels. Whether it’s a new idea for a stalled project, a missing technical specification, or helping a scientist and a salesperson communicate, Ero finds the solution.

Ero oversees the daily operations of Soffos, ensuring that output is productive by managing procedures and people – she plans diverse operational activities with her extensive proven experience of the most efficient ways to run a business. In short – Ero runs a tight ship!

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Franco Such

Senior Full Stack Developer

Franco Such is a Computer Engineer who graduated Cum Laude. He is a mathematician, algorithms, and data structure expert who is passionate about innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

He worked in data security, phishing detection, and route tampering. Data integrity and availability is his current priority.

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Joe McCall


Joe is a serial tech investor who helped to found the Austin Technology Council. He also served as executive director of the Texas Nanotech Initiative.

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Karolina Zajac

Director of Solutions Consulting

Karolina brings over 10 years of experience in technology sales within the Silicon Valley and EMEA regions. With early years in telecommunications and cloud services, and 8 years providing support to some of the most innovative ML and computer vision endeavors in the world, she has gained a wide breadth of technical and industry expertise. Her approach as a salesperson is to be a trusted advisor to her clients, providing industry knowledge, solutions recommendations, and support that will solve their pain points and make life easier.

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Ken Hubbell

Chief Product Officer

Ken is an award-winning producer of advanced training solutions. As a SVP for Learning and Development, he presently leads Instructional Design Strategy & Innovation for a Fortune 50 financial services company, where he applies 20 years of assembling, developing and enabling diverse teams to create customer and stakeholder value.

Ken has degrees in both industrial design and instructional design technology, and his software development background is in the areas of NLP, AI, serious games, and VR. Ken has designed and developed learning products for a variety of organizations including the FAA, NASA, the United Nations, Caterpillar, Ingersoll Rand/Trane Technologies, and General Motors.

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Nikolas Kairinos


Nikolas is an award-winning innovator with four decades of experience in AI. By the time he was 23, Nikolas was investing in companies, taking them public and selling them on. 34 years of entrepreneurship and 29 years of corporate finance & investment banking enables Nikolas to understand the problems caused by the relative lack of new ideas in AI and EdTech over the last 30 years.

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Rafael Andrade

Senior Front-End Developer

Rafael has in-depth knowledge of the latest technology trends to produce clean website designs. He combines sound technical frameworks with appealing media assets to generate front-end solutions focused on expanding user bases. He is experienced in working with teams to produce impactful, leading-edge websites that engage customers and deliver business results.

Rafael is well-versed in contemporary design standards and user preferences.

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Rhonda Parouty

Senior Management Advisor

Rhonda is a senior technology and operations executive with over 25 years of international, cross-industry experience.  She has held C-level positions in both private and public (NASDAQ) companies and has worked with Federal and State agencies.

Rhonda’s career reflects a demonstrated record of success in growth, transformation and building capabilities for companies operating at all levels of business.  She also brings board experience with proven competencies in strategy, M&A, technology, risk management, supply chain, sales and marketing.

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Rita Papadakis

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Rita is responsible for managing the schedule and communications of the Founder and CEO. She acts as his point of contact and she connects the dots by communicating with all stakeholders.

She is an experienced administrative professional, who brings a wealth of knowledge to the daily running of an organization. Rita is a strong supporter of lifelong learning and multiculturalism; a nature lover, social justice advocate and a keen defender of the environment and animal welfare.

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Salvatore Minetti


Lifelong entrepreneur, board advisor and non-executive director with international experience across numerous industries including deep tech, automotive, property, manufacturing and retail.

Current roles include CEO at AutoM8, Board Director at SPRYT, Founder at Prospex, Board Director at Fountech.ai and board advisor to numerous deep tech start-ups.

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Stavros Stavrou


Stavros Stavrou, Soffos director, is a chartered accountant and a fellow member of the ICAEW. Stavros holds many prominent appointments: founding member and chairman of a ship management company, member of the BOD for insurance, reinsurance, banking, CCCI, funds and investment firms.

For over a decade, Stavros was the Group CFO and Member of the Board of a major trans-European energy company as well as holding chairman and member of the board of directors appointments including chairman of the board of directors for a publicly listed airline and board member appointments in the banking, insurance, energy, software development, construction and education sectors – European University and Member of the Board of Trustees of the International School of Monaco during the period 1998 – 2003.

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Stergios Anastasiadis

Director & Angel Investor

Stergios is a tech guru within disruptive tech startups. He has experience at building great teams and scaling businesses, with hands-on experience in R&D, UX/UI, Big Data, ML and infrastructure. He has no fewer than six tech startups under his belt; one IPO, three acquisitions and five angel investments.

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Tom Hill, Ma Cert ED

Lead Copy Writer and English Language Specialist

Having specialized in linguistics at early university, Tom has crafted language output for several software houses.  After 10 years of university lecturing in communications, Tom also has a publication history with the UK’s Guardian newspaper and the BBC.

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Scientific / Educational Advisory Board

Aliki Constantinou EdD

Education Consultant

Aliki has been in the field of education for over 20 years as a teacher, leader and teacher trainer, complemented by a Doctorate in Educational Leadership focused on the impact of training in online cooperative learning techniques on self-efficacy.

Aliki is consistently fascinated by what enhances learner engagement and how the dynamics of such engagement incessantly metamorphoses with the changing times and technologies to which we are exposed. Learning more about how to engage learners in order to enhance their learning experience are her major priorities as an educator.

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Associate Professor, PhD

AI / KRR Expert

Our expert has more than 20 years of research experience in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, specializing in the development of learning algorithms and computational systems that can effectively and efficiently acquire knowledge from text and from human interactions. Computers can use this knowledge to reason in a manner that is compatible with the argumentative and dialectical nature of human cognition.

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Daniel Harris, PhD

Advisor – Neuro-Symbolic Integration Research

Daniel is a computational semantics specialist with 7 years of professional experience in operational modeling, enterprise taxonomy/ontology, enterprise data warehouse reporting, and management consulting.

He brings a broad skill set to Soffos in logic programming, data modeling, linguistics, and discrete mathematics, with a keen interest in declarative paradigms for knowledge representation and computational linguistics. Daniel’s expertise is in prototyping and designing NLP systems for document auto-classification and natural-language database interaction.

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Dr. Mizra Omer Beg

AI/NLP Expert

Dr. Omer’s current research work focuses on Natural Language Processing, Voice Analytics, and Machine Learning. His work attempts to extract actionable semantic information from unstructured sources of data such as speech and text. He is also attempting to develop techniques and tools to help machine learning practitioners improve the understanding of their models using Human Centric Explainable AI. His research interests lie at the confluence of Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, Conversational AI, and Cognitive Computation.

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Jacob Dearing

Advisor – DevOps

Jacob has over eight years working in startups involving everything from entertainment to healthcare. He introduces processes, tools and methodologies to balance enterprise needs throughout the software development life cycle

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Prof. Chris Huyck, PhD

AI / NLP Expert

Professor Huyck has been working in Natural Language Processing for 35 years. After developing Visual Basic 1 at Microsoft, he returned to receive his PhD from the University of Michigan in 1994, working on text extraction systems.

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Prof. Giuseppe Primiero, PhD

Computational Logic Expert

Giuseppe is a logician working in formal modeling and verification of multi-agent systems. His preferred tools are extensions of proof-systems, modal and computational logics for non-monotonic & dynamic rationality in humans, together with applied Artificial Intelligence. His extensive research includes an examination of the Philosophy of Computing and Information.

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Steph van Schalkwyk

NLP / Search Expert

Steph is a computational linguist, NLP, AI and search engine guru.

Specializing in Lexical Search Engines (Elasticsearch, SOLR and others) ,Vector Search (FAISS, Weaviate, Milvus), NLP (SpaCy, Haystack, Hugging Face, Python), GPT-3/J/NEO and bespoke AI-NLP enterprise search engines. Steph brings exceptional value to the Soffos team - because natural-language driven enterprise knowledge discovery is exactly what our technology is designed to achieve.

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Do you want to streamline your organisation’s Learning & Development, saying goodbye to classrooms & webinars?

Soffos™ Inc. is in partnership with its incubator, Fountech Ventures, Deep Tech AI Venture Builders, also based in Austin TX, with a satellite office in London, England.

Fountech Ventures immerse themselves as corporate co-founders for the long-haul; providing ongoing technical development and commercial knowledge transfer from their in-house scientists, IP lawyers, engineers and entrepreneurs.