Knowledge Series - Features Video Library

There are many features and benefits for management and employees alike when using Soffos, each exemplified within these 15 functionality-related videos.

Each two or three minute movie examines the unique components and facilities that combine to form the Soffos experience. From administration personnel to board directors and external contractors, Soffos offers a wealth of assets for everyone in the organization.  

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Knowledge Series

Answers Anytime Anywhere


Imagine a sales representative walking across a client's car park, about to upsell a product to her prospect. She forgets the first of the widget's four USP's, its compact size. She has a mental block. There's no time to open her briefcase and look for her meeting notes. The wind-blown rain is lashing down, she needs to keep her composure and look slick as she approaches reception.

Sarah just picks up her phone while she walks and says "Soffos - what are the dimensions of..." a definitive answer is returned in seconds. This video outlines these facilities and more.

Knowledge Series

Soffos, Lets Discuss


Where do you find out the lowdown about what you really need to know at work? Usually over watercooler conversations, jaw-aching about this and that; you learn without it feeling like a chore.

This is exactly what Soffos does for employees - acts like a friendly, knowledgeable colleague over a drink, with all the definitive answers you need, every time.

But Soffos doesn't 'borrow' your coffee pods from the cupboard! In this video you'll see how our smooth-talking Voice of Knowledge teaches without seeming like a teacher!

Knowledge Series

Soffos Starts Conversations


Imagine asking a knowledgeable colleague or friend about some important information at work. They might not know the answer, but they say "Let me ask my boss, he'll know that one. I'll get right back to you..."

This is what Soffos, the AI driven learning management system can do, amongst many other things. Employees' unanswered vocational questions are stored, acted upon and reverted from approved management sources. Regulatory, important and mandatory information is continually push-notified to employees until they demonstrate their full understanding of it.

Soffos is a proactive learning management system, one that takes the knowledge to the employee, rather than waiting to be asked...

Knowledge Series

Learning From Peers


What's the best part of peer to peer learning? When it works, it works well. There's always some 'go-to Guru' with all the answers in any workplace team or department. Imagine software that can direct your workplace question straight to an expert colleague's personal device. If that person's busy, no problem, Soffos will pass it to the next expert until an answer is given.

The even better bit, if the expert starts to give inaccurate information, Soffos will politely interject so that everyone can check their facts. Employees can ask questions of managers, colleagues and people they've never even met, discreetly & asynchronously - even in different states or remote branches of the same company. It's workplace knowledge targeted with AI, that hits the spot every time.

Knowledge Series

Soffos Teaches Itself


In this video, you'll see how Soffos' AI learns to create taxonomies and suggest appropriate locations for resources after uploading to knowledge silos.

Another valuable feature is that of document versioning, whereby Soffos detects newer versions of similar resources. This is often crucial when uploading industry-specific regulatory information, because re-editions of rules and specifications often change quarterly or annually. Finally you'll see how it's possible for admins to 'time stamp' documents that contain chronologically 'perishable' information, so that Soffos reminds them to upload the latest versions on expiry dates.

Knowledge Series

Virtually Infinite Recollection


In this video you'll see how Soffos' AI uses differing types of memory (short, medium and long term spans) to allow questions about past events, as well as interrogating current resources.

You'll also see that the important feature of 'refreshed knowledge' is enabled when an employee looks at the answer to a previous question, where the answer may have been updated since the last interaction. This ensures that  knowledge, if uploaded correctly to the platform, is always proactively pushed to employees if it has changed over time.

Knowledge Series

Verifying Knowledge Integrity


Learning & Development can only ever be effective if employees are given definitively correct, extant and accurate information. Policies, procedures and regulations change all the time.  Keeping up with the latest specifications and documentation from industry bodies is difficult enough for management, let alone employees.

In this video you'll see how Soffos checks document and resource content, verifies time stamps and helps to prevent errors, duplications and expired time sensitive content from being uploaded. Soffos is not only an employee training platform but a management resource assistant too...

Knowledge Series

Private Knowledge Folders


In this video, you'll see how employees can use Soffos' powerful AI to ingest and interrogate the content of their own personal resources provided from their own laptops or personal devices.

In a meeting, employees can make notes, upload their own documents and ideas in whatever format, then ask Soffos pertinent questions at a later date without having to re-read and search through pages of text. Soffos provides an organizational knowledge repository, while employees can create their own, private, confidential and secure version too.

Key Features

Easy Onboarding & Admin

Soffos is a web-based SaaS solution, so no on-premise software installation is necessary. A company can sign up and be ready to invite employees and upload content in minutes.

Managers can create knowledge silos, populate them with files of many popular formats via drag & drop, then assign those knowledge contents to specific teams.

Integration with popular Learning Management System protocols means that organizations should not need to scrap their current LMS, as Soffos may well be able to work in tandem.

Voice Conversations

Screen time can be reduced by employees’ choice of spoken or typed Q&A with any device.

Knowledge Liberated

Staff searching through long documents for definitive knowledge is consigned to history.

Bulletproof Security

Knowledge is stored in a proprietary knowledge representation system in an encrypted format, documents are never moved nor even copied from their original server-side secured locations.

Permission Granted

Admins / managers decide which teams can interact with various subjects and assign access levels.

Monitoring Mandatory Compliance

Soffos will keep teaching employees (without them feeling that they’re being taught) about essential information until the AI is certain that the user has understood any mandatory knowledge.

Seamless L&D

Webinars, classrooms and training sessions become redundant with Soffos.

Virtually Infinite Recollection

Subjects are never completely forgotten; document versioning also enables users to ask questions such as “How has the company’s inclusion policy changed over the last 5 years?”. Soffos can also answer complex questions such as:  “How has the demographic usage of internal combustion engine fuels changed across the USA car market since 1999?”. 

Short term memory enables seamless context switching within an ongoing conversation, so that an employee really feels that they are dealing with a knowledgeable, friendly human being.

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