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Soffos' Use Cases

There are many use-cases for the Soffos platform and we will add to them here exemplified by videos as our technology develops in response to market feedback. In the meantime, the issues that our beta users are asking about most are these three facilities below:

Play Use Case #1

Soffos is particularly useful for onboarding employees, not least because new hires can start the process before their first day, from home, by using their own devices. The HR department can send a Soffos onboarding invite email to an incumbent employee; the recipient follows a couple of prompts, then they’re up and running in minutes.

New hires can ask Soffos questions like ‘What is involved in the onboarding process?’ or ‘Is there an itinerary for my first week?'. Soffos can then start a conversation to proactively tell new starters about any mandatory or important information, such as a checklist of things they need to bring in on their first day.

Once an employee has started their new role, Soffos can answer any questions that they might have, from the policy on pool cars to the opening times of the staff restaurant, without them having to ask their 'onboarding buddy' every two minutes.

Product Training for Sales People

Play Use Case #2

One of Soffos greatest utilities is the ability to allow employees to ask their work-related questions, in natural spoken or typed language, from anywhere they happen to be working; in the office, from home, on a client visit or anywhere in the world that there is an internet connection.

In the rapidly changing market of today, sales enablement tools that allow instant access to specific product and service information can make the difference when closing a deal. A simple question like, “How heavy is our X1 widget product when it is in the standard shipping box?” instantly returns a concise answer. There are no documents to search, no colleagues to call, and fewer difficult moments in front of clients in meetings

But a successful sale isn’t just about knowing your product, it’s about knowing your prospect and how to handle their objections. After each sales visit, a salesperson can write and submit their notes of who they interacted with, what objections were encountered, and in hindsight, what the salesperson wished they had said. This expands the core knowledge-base, enabling the entire sales team to be prepared for a visit to a similar company when promoting the same products.

Finding the Knowledge – the Needle in the Haystack

Play Use Case #3

Without going too deeply into Soffos’ underlying technology, the problem with traditional computer or browser search methods is that they are keyword based. So, if a person wants to find a very specific fact about a service or policy that their company offers, say the blood-sugar level definition contained in a life assurance product for those with diabetes, a simple database search within the company’s network or cloud-based folders is going to be a long haul.

Imagine using complex search combinations like ‘life cover plus blood sugar level plus diabetes’ – the result is very likely to bring up an indeterminate number of documents, which then need to be individually opened and each one manually trawled by the searcher. Instead, Soffos searches within documents, paragraphs, sentences and even phrases, to bring succinct accurate results very quickly.

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